Active 3 LED Wind Up Torch

F-A50565-Led-Wind-Up-TorchF-A50565a--Led-Wind-Up-TorchF-A50565 Led Wind Up Torch
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We all like a good wind up now and again, so why not put your skills to good use with the Active 3 LED wind up torch.

Save money with its rechargeable battery.

Two light settings mean you can be economical and discreet when you need to be.

Only one minute of winding provides up to 90 minutes use on a single LED setting which makes this an extremely environmentally friendly product.


  • Durable plastic body
  • 3 ultra bright L.E.D's
  • Generate power anytime anywhere without batteries
  • Dual Mode: single or triple L.E.D.
  • 1 minute of winding provides:90 minutes use of a single L.E.D or 30 minutes use of triple L.E.D
  • Uses rechargeable lithium battery
  • Money saving
  • Enviromentally friendly