Maypole Deluxe 12V Air Compressor

F-794 Maypole Deluxe 12V Air Compressor
£ 27.99 each Brand: MaypoleMaypole

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This Maypole deluxe 12V air compressor is designed to make inflating tyres a quick and easy task that can be done wherever you are and a 12V cigarette lighter plug socket is located.

Inflating the tyres on your car, van, truck, motorbike or bicycle needn't be a hassle or chore.

The high torque motor with a self-cooling system delivers a high volume output (the compressor delivers up to 150PSI) to inflate tyres quickly and efficiently whilst it allows pressure checking and has a pre-set pressure cut-off function.

It operates with low vibration and low noise and has a gauge that is accurate to +/- 1 PSI at 50PSI with a built-in LCD display for clear and precise readings.

Other functions include an integral spotlight to illuminate the working area, a 2.9m cable to all-round vehicle access and a handy compartment to store the cable and rubber hose.

It is also suitable for air mattresses and sports balls and included adaptors for these.