Rapid Ice Melt - 10kg

F-RIM10KG Rapid Ice Melt - 10kg
£ 5.99 each

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The Rapid Ice Melt - 10kg is great to use during the winter months because of ice, snow and frost.

All three are dangerous on pathways, steps and drives and can lead to disruptions which can be very annoying as well as inconvenient and cause accidents.

The solution can be simple with this rapid ice melt.

The large bag can be cut in one of the corners to allow easy distribution of the granules which means you never have to come into contact with the contents.

It is designed to begin melting snow and ice on contact whilst also helping to prevent re-freezing for up to 24 hours.

The 10kg bag is ideal for melting snow and ice on driveways, steps and pathways.

Ice Melt can be used on almost any surface and when used can prevent refreezing on said surface as well as improving grip overall.