Screenies Interior Screen Wipes

F-HWPS0101A Screenies Interior Screen Wipes
£ 3.50 each

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The Screenies Interior Screen Wipes are an impregnated with powerful cleaning agents, making them ideal for removing dirt & grime from your car's windscreen.

The new anti-mist formula reduces interior screen mist, whilst the non-smearing formula cuts through the grime in seconds, improving your all round visibility.

These screenies are suitable for use on windscreens, sat nav screens and mirrors.

Screenies Glass Interior Screen Wipes with added Anti-Mist are perfect for cleaning the Interior glass of your car, Screenies have been impregnated with a powerful cleaning solution which cleans in seconds to leave a sparkling streak and mist free finish.

  • Contains 40 Wipes in a handy dispenser tub.
  • Cleans in seconds to leave a sparkling streak and mist FREE finish.
  • Non Smearing
  • Non Glare
  • New anti-mist formulation Screenies are a Non- smearing glass interior wipe For use on interior glass of your car Screenies are impregnated with a powerful cleaning agent Screenies improve all round visibility.
  • Big Value 40 wipes included in every tub of Screenies