Flamefield Colour Works Dining Set

Flamefield Colour Works Dining Set F-CWK0116
£ 25.99 each

Flamefield Colour Works Dining Set, Is a Premium Melamine Dinner Set in a sleek contemporary Multi-colour design. Adds elegance to your casual dining.

Great for use whilst at home, in a caravan, at a camp site or on days out.

The Flamefield Colour Works Round 16 piece Melamine Set is made from 100% melamine and features an attractive design pattern Melamine is a virtually unbreakable material which offers the same quality and feel as china, but without the worry of it breaking.

Not to be used in microwaves


  • Premium 16 piece dining set
  • Contempory Multi-colour design
  • Ideal for camping, caravanning, picnics and days out
  • 100% melamine
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Not to be used in microwaves
  • Break Resistant
  • Set contains: 4 x dinner plates, 4 x side plates, 4 x bowls and 4 x cups