Fiamma Carry Moto Pro

£ 427.99 each

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The Fiamma Carry Moto Pro is designed for motorhomes with a "garage" facility and makes it easy tocarry your motorbike with you on your travels.

They are composed of 2 telescopic rails equipped with anti-slip device. It can easily be fixed inside the garage thanks to the fixing feet which are adjustable in height from 8cm to 11cm. Consists of a rail fixed on the floor of the garage and a chute which slides easily inside the fixed rail. The rail is supplied with 2 straps to fix the motorbike while travelling.Ideal for installation in to the garage facility of your motorhome.

Consists of a rail that fixes to the floor of garage (180cm long – 15cm wide) and a chute which slides easily inside of the fixed rail (155cm long).

The rail is supplied with two sturdy straps to fix motorbike while travelling.

It can carry up to 200KG.